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I love you singer Adam Levine. You and your music live in my heart.

Hello my name is Giljonnys Dias da Silva. This is my history. I was born on May 8, 1986 at Lago da Pedra, Maranhão-Brazil. I speak two mother tongues – American English and Brazilian Portuguese. I’m the second son of a family of six people. My mother’s name is Ana Dias da Silva, and my father’s name Zaqueu Pinto da Silva Lopes. I had a worthless and suffering life, of infirmities and much discrimination whether because of diseases or other social factors, and I was literate in English from childhood, and was discriminated by being an avid reader, by being in the habit of speaking and writing in English. My friends were the books, notebooks, pens and pencils. I didn’t use to make friends with other persons of the same age or older than me in my childhood. I was always reserved and set apart from other persons. I’m different from my brother and two sisters. I’m a man who doesn’t become friends with persons that I have no intimacy or things in common in real life, and to me, only the following persons I consider to be my family: Ana Dias da Silva (mother), Zaqueu Pinto da Silva Lopes (father), Gildeão Dias da Silva (brother), Giljennifer Dias da Silva (sister), and Gillestefanny Dias da Silva (sister), João Paulo Lima (brother-in-law), two nephews and two nieces. Today, I only talk with people from my family, the only exception when I’m at work, by which it is necessary to have some interaction with other people, therefore, without any intimacy and affinity with other persons at Lago da Pedra who are not from my family. The factors which led me to record my childhood was the moments of suffering, racism, xenophobia, language and social discrimination I experienced by the habit of speaking and writing in English, and treated unfairly by not having a good appearance. I was banged and attacked several times when I was a child and teenager by people who were not from my family. I’m currently 30 years old. And despite experiencing so much suffering in my childhood and youth, I was always a reserved man that came out only to attend school in childhood, and only goes out to work in adulthood. At the present, my social interactions only happen where I dwell and at work, because I don’t engage in conversation with neighbors and persons who are not from my family (outside the place I dwell and my workplace). My culture is different from the majority, and my beliefs also. I’m neither Catholic nor Protestant, and I do not belong to any religious denomination or political party at Lago da Pedra. Therefore, I’m against abuse of power, bullying, cyberbullying, virtual crime, discrimination, poisoning of people, genocide, intimidation, libel and defamation, linguistic discrimination, pedophilia, physical aggression, racism, bigotry, rape, social exclusion, social prejudice, spying or espionage, threat of death, torture, xenophobia, lynching, domestic violence, child sexual abuse or child molestation, invasion of privacy, child pornography, racial prejudice, incitement to Nazi propaganda, terrorism, corruption and all other violations of human rights. I’m very thankful for life to be a healthy adult with optimism and persistence despite all suffering in childhood and youth.

Giljonnys Dias da Silva Born on May 8, 1986

I am an author. I was born on May 8, 1986 in a small town named Lago da Pedra, Maranhão - Brazil. As someone passionate about the activity of writing, I started my career as an author in 2010.

American English and Brazilian Portuguese are my native languages. I grew up listening to these languages and therefore they are the language I use to write my books and articles. I am currently writing some books named A Book of Short Stories Volume 1, A Book of Short Stories Volume 2, A Complete and Concise English-Portuguese/Portuguese-English Dictionary of Infinitive-verb-sentences, Bilingual Minds- Facts and Myths (English Version), Mentes Bilíngues-Fatos e Mitos (Portuguese Version), Notes On Translation (English Version), Notas Sobre Tradução (Portuguese Version), Nationalism and Nazism Walk Together-How to Avoid Being Manipulated by National Insanity of Loyalty to a Country (English Version) and Nacionalismo e Nazismo Andam Juntos-Como Evitar Ser Manipulado pela Insanidade Nacional de Lealdade a um País (Portuguese Version) by myself.

I studied at public schools of Lago da Pedra. Known in my town for the name of Jonnys, I went to Unidade Escolar Professor Ilzé Vieira de Melo in the years of 1996 up to 1999, where I attended elementary school (The 1st to 4th Grade), and also went to elementary school in the Colégio Municipal Antônio Carlos Martins Jorgem from 2000 to 2003 (The 5th to 8th Grade).

I like to invest all my creative energies into the production of English and Portuguese materials in order to promote bilingualism and education. Therefore, I am very interested in translation studies, applied linguistics and educational psychology. I am currently writing an article Notes On Translation in English with tips and examples in order to explain the translation process.

Subsequently, my works diversify into the production of several articles and piece of information in English and Portuguese. I did not receive any formal schooling in English, but did not lack education either. Therefore, I taught myself to read from a very young age. To avoid confusion, I am known by the name Jornnys. I worked as a night watchman at a dormitory named Dormitório São Pedro. Since I’m not religious and do not belong to any religious denomination, I have my own dogmas and beliefs. Still, I believe in extraterrestrial life.

I am a man who defends heterosexuality and traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

Note: Despite speaking and writing in two mother tongues – English and Portuguese, I give preference to English. I’m learning the Russian language. – United States – Brazil